Design and Composition

Creating visually appealing composition is instinctual for me.  My book and print work are full of layering and collage element, but once enrolled in the SLIM program, I was required to make many presentations and document layouts and I always tried to incorporate those same ideas.  The following are collaged and hand stitched greeting cards I made in 2010.  At the time, I was trying to find something creative to do with all of the old magazines I had before throwing them in the recycle bin, while also working to find harmony in different patterns and textures.

CollageCard2 CollageCard1 Collage Card3

HummingbirdCard048 SailboatCard049  Brenda&Tommy

Below, the graphic prints are from a series I did in 2004.  I took snapshots and simplified them into line drawings, then scanned the drawings and added blocks of color.  By blowing the prints up to a full size sheet of printmaking paper, I took away the personal intimacy of holding a photograph in hand and created a larger, more visually arresting image.

meandchip meandwillboone

Last, a couple of excerpts from custom cookbook I made in 2010.  I took the customer’s favorite recipes, along with several vintage cookbooks I found, and created a hand written, handbound book for her to use in her kitchen for years to come.

RB_Page1 RB_page27

For a few examples of my presentation and layout work from my course work at SLIM please visit the following links:

Social Construction of Reality

Urban 4-Sight Strategic Plan

Quiet Hand Press Fact Sheet

Geographical Services

Twitter Presentation

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