Printmaking and Drawing

As a printmaking major at the Kansas City Art Institute, I learned many different print techniques.  The ones I enjoyed most, however, were letterpress and relief methods, such as woodcuts and linoleum cuts.  I now own my own letterpress, a Kelsey 5″x8″ tabletop press, as well as several sets of lead type in different fonts and styles.


Above is a seven color reductive linoleum block print from 2003.  I did the printing and everything by hand, and it took a great deal of patience and discipline to cut everything perfectly to get it all lined up.  Below, an example of the 2002 series I did with pronto plate and chine-collé prints.


Here are some more examples of linoleum cut letters that I made by hand for some personalized stationery from 2010.  I like to design my own typography, although I have not delved too far into learning that craft just yet.

D_Stationery_InBox L:Bird

Below is another example of my reductive linoleum cut work from 2004:


Here are several pieces of letterpress printing I did.  The left and right were done on my Kelsey in 2010, and the middle was printed on a Vandercook electronic letterpress at KCAI in 2005.

businesscard1 will14b WeddingInvite

The following is an excerpt from a book I made in 2005.  The prints within the folio-style book are a combination of letterpress and linoleum cuts, and contain many subtle layers.


I work with ink and brush to create whimsical line drawings.  My subject matter varies from year to year, but the style remains the same.  While many of my drawings seem decorative in nature, they are always created from an emotional place and are a way for me to express my feelings in a visual way.  From left to right, these are from 2007, 2011, and 2012:

IMG_0263 Sophie's Journal Front Inside 3_ Dreamcatchers and Dots



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