PO2 – Information Resources

Program Outcome 2 – Information Resources
Explain and implement the development, maintenance, and management of collections and resources to meet specific information needs.


In order to fully anticipate the technological demands of the continually evolving field of librarianship, students are required to take Li815 – Information Technology.  In this course, I learned the basics of computer maintenance and troubleshooting, how to use and acquire different types of library and information technology, and witnessed first hand the technological operations of Basehor Community Library.


In this course, students were assigned to a group in which they would develop a technology plan and budget for a library of their choice. Eileen Lawton, Tanya Lynn, Sandy Moore, and I worked together to develop a plan for the fictional town of Bedrock (that’s right, where the Flintstones lived!), in order to bring the community into the 21st Century.  The technology plan was a somewhat complex assignment – we developed a vision statement, mission statement, training program, technology visions and goals, a yearly budget, etc. – and there was much to learn from doing the work.  This group assignment was helpful in instilling a sense of organization when it comes to planning library budgets and services with a specific community in mind.


PO2 – Library Technology Plan

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