PO1 – Foundations of the Profession

Program Outcome 1 – Foundations of the Profession

Articulate a philosophy of ethical and client-centered information services for the library and information professions.

Program Value 1 – Service

Commit to quality client-centered services, advocate for equity and value diversity in its many forms.

Program Value 3 – Integrity

Exhibit ethical behavior, knowledge, and attitudes.

Li801 – Foundation of Library and Information Science is the first course a student must take when enrolled in the MLS program at SLIM.  Students are introduced to library science through history, theory, practice, and ethics.  A great enthusiasm for the field is displayed here and immediately instilled in eager students during the first weekend of class.  I am sure I am not alone when I say that this is the course that solidified my decision to pursue an MLS degree.

One of the most important assignments I had throughout my entire coursework at SLIM was the Li801 Reflective Journal.  Students are expected to write journal entries weekly during the entire semester so that they may reflect on what they are learning as they start to develop an internal discourse that they will continue in every aspect of their time at SLIM.

The three journal entries that I have chosen to display here not only indicate how I first began to consider the impact of librarianship on the greater good, but also lay the foundation for my thinking about my future career.

PO1 – Three Journal Entries

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