PO5 – Reference and User Services

Program Outcome 5 – Reference and User Services

Retrieve, evaluate, and synthesize information resources to fulfill an information needs assessment; evaluate the usefulness of these resources to the user.

Program Value 4 – Mentorship

Guide and teach current and future clients and information professionals to ensure the continued growth of the field.

The purpose of Li802 – Theoretical Foundations of Service was to introduce students to the myriad theories based around how people search for, find, and use information resources.  Client-centered services and library practices are studied, as well as personality types and information seeking models in order to prepare students to assist patrons of all kinds to find the information they are looking for.

Since my background is in fine art, much of my approach to librarianship stems from a desire to merge these two worlds together.  Artists look for and use information in many different ways; their methods are difficult to witness or understand, however I decided that a closer look was necessary.  For my first diagnostic client interview, I developed a series of questions for an associate who is a professional photographer and filmmaker in New York City.  The interview was enlightening, and her responses are honest and articulate.  While conducting this interview and writing recommendations for my “client,” I learned which types of questions, methods, and library services are best suited for this sort of nontraditional patron.  When I was finished, I shared my paper with the artist, and she was able to find resources that were new and helpful to her.

PO5 – Diagnostic Interview

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