PO3 – Organization of Recorded Knowledge and Information

Program Outcome 3 – Organization of Recorded Knowledge and Information
Explain, use, maintain, and develop systems to organize and retrieve recorded knowledge.One of the more difficult courses I took was Li818 – Archival Arrangement and Description.  Creating archival finding aids can be a daunting task, and rather tedious and complex when nontraditional (i.e. not paper documents) items are involved in the process.

The final assignment for this course was a finding aid that the student must create by going to an archive of her choice and processing a collection from beginning to end.  I contacted Denise Morrison, Director of Collections and Curatorial Services at Union Station, and was able to process the newly acquisitioned DeeDee DeVille Collection for the Gay and Lesbian Archives of Mid-America (GLAMA).  The collection contained fliers, screenplays, playbills, costumes, stage props, greeting cards, notes, photographs, posters, and more.  The hands on work I was able to do, as well as the guidance I received from staff while processing this collection turned out to be some of the most valuable experience I could have gained during my entire coursework at SLIM.

PO3 – Finding Aid and Report

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